Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little angel

Hi everyone! 

Today’s post contains two beautiful things: a new creation and some joyful news! 

These small flying heralds were indeed inspired by the birth of a real little angel in my neighbors’ house. 

I created one of the small characters as presents for the new mother with wide ribbons sewn in circles to make the skirt and the cape. I then took a wooden sphere, painted eyes, nose and attached fake hair to create the head. 

When color and glue dried, I added a body made with chenille stems and some small wooden beads as hands and feet. Last but not least, the final touches: a ribbon bow as wings and a small present in the angel’s hands. 

Below, you can also see a more colorful version, in which the herald is a cute bee. 

Enjoy the gallery and come back soon!

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