Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring’s perfume

Hi everyone!

The warm sun has finally arrived to brighten up the last days, reminding me that spring will soon be here. I cannot wait to enjoy its colors and perfumes, the buzz of bees, the fragrance of hyacinths and colors of tulips. Being quite of an impatient person, I decided to start bringing the upcoming season in the home, by decorating a jam jar with decoupage, burlap and tiny flowers, creating a potpourri holder in which I placed fragrant lavender seeds.

This creation is quite simple and extremely enjoyable to make. If you want to bring spring in your home too, here are some little instructions for crafting your own.

  • Jam jar
  • Glass Primer
  • A background image (optional) (I used Calambour’s mulberry paper PAU36)
  • A lavender graphic (I got mine from Calambour paper EASY292)
  • Decoupage glue (Mod Podge should be ok)
  • Clear sealer
  • Burlap
  • Tulle (optional)
  • Decorations (flowers, ribbons, lace…)
  • Lavender seeds

First of all, you need to apply a coat of glass primer on the entire surface. Once it dried, I tore small pieces of background mulberry paper and glued them sparsely using decoupage glue (picture 2). I let the piece dry, and then added the lavender graphic, before applying 4 coats of clear sealer in order to protect the creation (you can apply less, but I figured out that the inside will get dirty with the seeds, so I might want to clean it sometimes and I should make sure water would not damage the decoration).

I then filled the jar with lavender seeds, and, instead covering with the cap, which would prevent the perfume from spreading around the house, I cut a burlap circle (you should leave about 1 inch of margin on each side) and a tulle one of the same size.

I brushed decoupage glue on the perimeter of the burlap to prevent the fabric from faying and I layered it on the top of tulle. I then fixed it with ribbons and lace around the top of the jar. The little trick is to do this before the glue dries. In this way, you will be able to shape the fabric with your fingers, creating even waves all around the top and the burlap’s perimeter will harden in the right position, so that when you will have to remove it in order to change the seeds inside, it will keep its shape.

Lastly, you can decorate the front as you wish: I added ribbons, al small clay rose and a fake purple flower, matching the shade of the design on the decoupage paper.

And here is my final piece! It really brought a bit of color and perfume in my life and I hope it will do the same for you! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial :-)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lovely puffy hearts

Hi everyone!

S. Valentine’s day is approaching (I am sure, no one was aware of that!), so today I want to share a little, quick project, which is easy to make and would be a nice present for your loved ones (or maybe for yourself ;-) ).

It’s a cute stuffed heart, which you can easily personalize in so many ways! I will give you all the options I could come up with at the end, but first of all, here are the instructions!


  • Fabric
  • Stuffing material
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons and other decorations

Preparation: cut two pieces of fabric (I used cream felt and checkered cotton) to create two heart shapes of the same dimension. You can chose the size, just remember to leave about 1cm of margin, which you will use to sew them together. Also consider that, when you add stuffing, the size will be reduced. Cut a smaller heart in a fabric that complements (or contrasts) the one you will use for the front (I chose red felt). You can, of course, draw your templates in the shapes and dimensions you wish, but if you want, you can also download the ones I created here.
  • Pin the small heart at the center of the one you wish to use as front (picture1)
  • Using a thick thread in a contrasting color, sew by hand all around the perimeter (picture 2). The advantage of using felt for the heart on top is that it will not fray.
  • If you want to be able to hang the little cushion, pin a ribbon to the fabric you will be using for the back (picture 3). It is very important to pin it correctly, otherwise you will find it in the wrong place once the piece is finished: first of all, fold the ribbon in half. Now, keeping the ends well aligned and on top, pin it to the FRONT of the fabric (the side that will be on the outside of the heart). Leave 1/1.5cm of ribbon ends, so that, once you hang the heart, the ribbon will not fray. Remember to avoid placing the pin too close to where you will be sewing, mostly if you plan on using a sewing machine).

  • Now, align and pin the two hearts together. It is very important to keep on the inside the surface of the fabric that will in the end be on the outside (on other words, the two sides you want to see will now face each other). If you pinned the ribbon, it should now be in between the hearts (picture 4).
  • Sew around the perimeter (you can use a sewing machine), leaving about 1cm margin and an opening on one side (you will need it to flip the heart). I like to leave open a segment which is about 1/3 of the straight line starting from the tip (picture 5).
  • Remove the pins and gently turn the heart inside-out. In my opinion, the best way is to start pushing the opposite side through the opening and then slowly roll all the rest of the fabric (picture 6).

  • Stuff the heart from the opening (picture 7).
  • Close the opening with a thread in a matching color (picture 8).
  • And here is your finished heart, ready to be hanged or further embellished :-) ! (picture 9)

Aside from varying the size and shape, or the fabric type and color, many interesting adaptations can be done:

  • You can embellish the heart with flowers, ribbons, buttons… (you can find video tutorials for crocheted flowers here and a pattern for a simple one here).
  • You can scent the creation, by adding lavender to the stuffing (in this case, you can keep the little puffy cushions in your home or wardrobe as air fresheners) or, for a very personalized S Valentine’s day present, you can spray you cologne on it.
  • You can add embroidery on the little heart on the front, or, in the case of a present, when you are sewing, in step 2, you can leave the top open and use it as a pocket to insert a love message.
  • The small hearts also be very nice Christmas ornaments

Here are some of the ones I made. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and, if you have any other ideas on the use of these little fluffy creations, please let me know!

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