Saturday, May 25, 2013

Magical Forest necklace

Hi everyone!

Today I want to show you a very special creation, the first one I ever made in order to participate in a contest! 

It was a nice day in 2009 and (surprise, surprise!) I was browsing through beading websites and blogs, when I stumbled upon the announcement for a challenge by Stringing Magazine, called Magical Forest. I never considered participating in a competition before, but a theme based on nature just charmed me. I couldn’t stop my head from thinking about the hundreds of things I could do and I immediately found myself with needle and threads in my hands.  

I began stringing green glass seed beads, inserting some flowers, ladybugs and butterflies every now and then. But that wasn’t enough, so I knotted clusters of 8mm glass beads on a brown cord, to give the illusion of branches with leaves. Lastly, I created the central piece, by attaching glass blooms and foliage. I tried to use colors which would give a mysterious allure to the piece, making it look truly magical. 

And here it is…my little enchanted necklace!

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