Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Copenhagen

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you the beauty of Copenhagen during Christmas time! Holiday decorations have been in the shops for weeks now; the center of the city has been decorated for the upcoming celebrations, with the renowned Stroget (the shopping street) displaying hearts and beautiful shopping windows; Tivoli park has opened for the winter season; Nisser (the little gnomes with red pointed hats) are everywhere in shops and snow has been falling for some days during the beginning of the month. It is extremely difficult to chose which experience has shown me the best of the city during this last month, but for sure I have some I would recommend to anyone visiting Copenhagen in December (and I have pictures to prove it :-) ).

First of all, the most famous activity: visiting the charming Christmas market in Tivoli. For the occasion, the park is open and decorated. A small village is built with every house containing a little shop where you can find decorations, candies, wool clothes and much more; the entire park is filled with trees, sparkling lights, lovely hearts and white snowflakes and you can even see Santa’s sleigh, next to real reindeers! It is like being in a dream and your 5-years-old-inner-child would never let you leave (personal experience :-) )!

Visiting the center of the city, with its beautiful decorations and elegant shopping windows is also an invaluable experience. Doing it during a snowstorm can prove a bit challenging, but extremely rewarding :-) (personal experience, again!).


One less obvious but unforgettable walk is the one through Frederiksberg have. This beautiful and large park is a bit away from the center , but when snow is falling, it is one of the most relaxing and deeply beautiful places I have ever visited during my stay in Denmark. It might be just because I love nature, but the soft, sleek, white snow on the ground and trees, the iced lakes, small rivers and incredible silence made it definitely look amazing!

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