Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My creations

Hi everyone,

today I want to tell you more about what I like to create: most of my pieces are made of beads (I’m sure no one would have guessed that! ;-) )….well I love beads (ehm…lots of surprising information in this post!) and I would buy all those little sparkling treasures (of course)… but, I don’t! (…surprised now? :-) ). I only hand-pick the best materials, because every piece for me needs to be unique and special: I put a lot of passion in what I make and I want my creations to last for a long time.

I use mostly glass, fire-polished and high quality crystal beads (Swarovski or Preciosa), as well as gemstones and pearls. I mostly take inspiration from nature: flowers, leaves, butterflies and snowflakes are among my favorite themes and almost of my pieces have a romantic look. Probably because I want them to make people dream (ok, fine!..I just can’t hide my romantic side when I design them :-) ).   

I also love to test my skills and to have the opportunity to be challenged, so every once in a while I enter a beading contest. At the bottom of the post, you can see the creations I made for these special occasions.

My pieces are all designed and handmade by me. Whenever I take inspiration from someone else’s work, I always give credit and eventually link to the page where the original design is displayed. I think this is a matter of fairness, as I deeply respect other people’s work. I therefore encourage anyone taking inspiration this blog to do the same. 

In case the above argument doesn’t sound convincing to you, please look here on the right! This is my mean face…are you extremely scared now? I’m sure you are, so please link to my blog!!

Well, after the ugly picture above, I hope you will enjoy the gallery below…and come back soon!

Lost in the Ocean - 2009 FMG beading contest - FINALIST

Native Flowers - 2013 - January Beadaholique contest - FINALIST

Letter from Paris - 2012 - Strung Out contest - FINALIST
Snow Queen - 2012 - January Beadaholique  Contest

2009 - Colorworks contest

Magical forest - 2009 - Stinging contest
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