Saturday, January 5, 2013

January like White-snow&snowflakes

January is for sure the month of snow. In my hometown, we usually get only a few days of falling flakes, but each time they make me as happy as a child.

The only thing I can see are the small and candid pieces of sky slowly falling on the ground and covering the grey streets, cars and buildings with a shiny white blanket.

I love to stare at those little fluffy beauties while they calmly wander out of my window; I love the snow-smelling crispy air when I go out; I love how the city mysteriously becomes so silent, with every movement made softer; I love the intricate white shapes of bare trees and bushes in the parks and gardens; I love to play with snowballs (or at least my 5 years old inner child does!); I love to see footsteps on the sidewalk in the morning...

…I love snowflakes, I love snow, I love January!


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