Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love Snow wreath

Hi everyone!

I made this decorative wreath for Christmas, but I think I might keep it around also for January, because I really love it (and I hope you will too! :-) ). 

I bought the wooden wreath and heart separately (the first at Søstrene Grenes and the second at Føtex, but I think they can be found anywhere around Christmas), then I added the cream ribbon, by weaving it through the branches with a large-eye needle.

I made the crocheted roses, snowflakes and other flowers with cotton yarn of different types (some tutorials to make crocheted flowers here, on crochet snowflakes here, and more information about yarns here) and then I attached everything to the wreath using brown wire and adding the jingle bells and the two brown felted roses. 

Enjoy the pictures! And links to more tutorials on crocheted flowers soon!

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