Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Painted Easter eggs

Hi everyone!

As spring was starting to move its first steps and Easter was quickly approaching, a couple of weeks ago I decided to prepare some decorations to adorn my room and remind me that winter was slowly ceding way to sunny and warmer days.

I therefore went into my inspiring creative cabinet and started going through my assortment of wooden trays, boxes, hearts, wreaths, glass dishes, pots….and there they were: three plexiglass eggs I purchased years ago (and I, of course, forgot I had).

They were just perfect for my little project, so I started decorating. First of all, I used some cream color rice paper and decoupage glue to cover the whole surface. After everything was dry, I decided to paint small flowers with acrylics. Easy you would say, right? Wrong! That proved to be incredibly difficult! Rice paper is permeable (much more than regular one) and, as soon as the brush touched it, all the color started to be drunk by the thirsty foundation, so no way to make long strokes. But that was not all! Rice paper also has a very irregular surface, so I was constantly challenged by bumps, hills and valleys. 

Basically, if you are a beginner with decorative painting (as I am) you either breathe, try to keep calm and dig out all of your patience, or you just give up! I chose the first approach, but once my perseverance was all gone, the results were still not close to be good enough.

After my little painting disaster, I therefore decided to try adding some nice details that would turn the attention away from my design flaws. I attached ribbon bows in matching colors, made a few tiny crocheted blooms (you can find the pattern to stitch them here) and embellished them with small beads. Of course, the law stating that beads just solve everything proved to be right even in this hopeless occasion...

…and here they are, my little (finally decent) Easter eggs!

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