Monday, January 27, 2014

Aphrodite bracelet by

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share with you a quick pattern. I found this beautiful bracelet on Pinterest and I quickly pinned it onto the FREE patterns group board for future reference. Today, however, a pinner signaled that the picture had a dead link (I hate daed links, so thank you very much!).

I looked for the original pattern on, where it was first published, but I could no longer find it. I therefore tried to figure out how to make this little beauty, and here is my interpretation of the pattern. I’m sorry it is not very detailed and professional, but since the creation is not mine, I don’t have many pictures and I do not want to take possession of an idea that was not mine.

Here are the quick instructions and the diagram below should be of help to understand the direction of the threads (if something is not clear, please leave a comment to the post):
  • Row 1: RAW with 2 needles technique, creating picots of 4 seed beads: for each thread add 1 6mm fire-polished bead, 4 size 11/0 seed beads, pass again through the first size 11/0 in the same direction as before, add 1 6mm fire polished, repeat for the other thread and then cross the 2 threads in a size 11/0 (repeat for the entire length of the bracelet)
  • Row 2: pass through the top seed beads of the picots formed in the previous round, adding 1 seed bead, 1 6mm fire-polished bead and another seed bead between one bead and the next.
  • Row 3: pass through the previous round, adding picots exiting from the top beads of round 1 picots

Personally, I would use a thicker thread for the first round, since the beads are heavier and you pass through them only once. I hope you will have fun making this wonderful bracelet, and thanks to for creating and sharing the image!

Have a lovely day!

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