Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flowers girl

Hi everyone!

I have been very fascinated by the vintage look of some amazing components I saw on Etsy lately. A couple of days ago I therefore decided I wanted to make my own romantic piece that looked as if it just came out from my grandma’s jewelry box. 

So here is my pendant, completely personalized with Ice Resin®, a great product I recently discovered, which allows to cover printed images with a thick glass-like transparent coat. 

First of all, I composed the picture, thanks to a photo editing software. Then I printed, cut and glued it to an antiqued brass pendant. Afterward, I covered it with Ice Resin® (being extremely careful to constantly check it in order to remove all the air bubbles) and let it dry. 

48 hours later, I connected it to the chain necklace, attached a beautiful resin rose, some freshwater pearls, glass beads, antiqued brass findings…and voilà, my necklace was ready! 

I hope you like it! Have a wonderful day!

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