Saturday, February 9, 2013

Princess’ pearl necklace

Hi everyone!
Today’s creation was inspired by some cute fairy-like pastel color dresses that appeared in shopping windows last year as soon as spring arrived. 

The 5-years-old girl in me was so excited about creating a design that would make any Disney princess wow, smile and sing. So, she ordered me to immediately craft a magic necklace.

And here is my piece! It is made of a strand of glass pearls, kept together with 0.8mm brass wire wrapped in simple loops to make a chain. Around the neck, antiqued brass filigree pieces (held together with jump rings) are decorated with glass beads, polymer clay flowers and crystal chatons. 

On the back, a pink ribbon completes the creation, which closed on a side thanks to a heart-shaped toggle clasp. The 5-years-old girl loved the finished creation…

and I hope you do too ;-)

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