Thursday, October 10, 2013

The beautiful side of Belgium

Hi everyone! 

Today a little off topic conversation about my little trip to Belgium last spring (I saw places which were so beautiful, I really cannot keep all the pictures on my computer only ;-) )…well, I already visited Bruxelles about 1 year ago, but I have to say I wasn’t particularly impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice city, but besides for the beautiful central square (Grande Place) and the cathedral, nothing was able to  amaze me. 

This time, however, I had a very good guide, as my boyfriend was spending 4 months in the Belgian capital for an internship and he organized my stay, carefully picking three stunning places to see during my three days of vacation. So here is my little journal, with some (of the over 400) pictures I took. 

The first day, we went to the Serres Royales de Laeken, just outside the city. It truly is a magical place, not only for people who like flowers (which I, of course, love), but also for anyone curious to see a majestic glass structure and magnificently cured lush nature. I cannot describe my astonishment while walking around and seeing the number of plant species which every square meter cherished. Each corner I turned was a breath-taking surprise full of colors and shapes carefully organized in gorgeous masterpieces of elegance and balance…you don’t believe me? Here are some pictures to convince you! ;-)

The second day, we visited Gand, once capital of Flanders and major European city. The town still treasures imposing churches, a medieval castle, beautiful promenades on the banks of its canals and some unexpected glimpses in its central neighborhood called Patershol.  A precious gem is then the Sunday flower market, taking place in a big square of the center: an explosion of colors and blooms accompanied by live music (and I, of course, had to buy a couple of little plants, which I fit in my Ryanair carry on bag…and yes, I am still wondering how I managed to do that).

Last, but definitely not least, we took a train to Bruges, a charming town in the Flandres which keeps all the beauty of small village streets and exquisitely combines it with the majesty of its churches and steeples. In Bruges every corner is somehow able to amaze you: canals framed by their romantic bridges run around the town, presenting you with endless unexpected views; lovely houses with windows full of flowers accompany your promenades, while old churches and refined buildings complete the gorgeous puzzle.

Bruges is filled with tourists, but it is still able to treasure the harmony of a small village. When you move away from the most famous streets, silence fills the air and you are left in charming alleys simply surrounded by beauty. Here, you can truly enjoy its peace and wonder at the hidden gems the village exquisitely cherishes. Golden prize to this beautiful town, and special thanks to my fantastic guide for bringing me there!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures…and come back soon!
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